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The Book is on Lifesupport


I have to admit, I’m frustrated. Sales on the book continue to drop and there doesn’t seem to be much I can do to stop it. I’ve tried everything I can.

I got a big-name voice actor to do my trailer. 

I got national news coverage

I switched the book to color.


Nothing seems to be working.

It’s a critically acclaimed series, with an average of 8.9 out of 10 over 59 reviews. It’s good. I say that without a hint of arrogance. It really is a good series.

So the conclusion I’m coming to is that people really don’t want female-led books. Unless it’s Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman or Batgirl.

They really don’t want characters of color, racial diversity, or LGBT representation. 

What I’m learning is that I should be drawing and writing books about dudes and the oversexed badgirls they fool around with. I can’t make a living doing what I’m doing, so why not sell out, right? That’s where the money is.

Except I really DON’T believe that. I BELIEVE in what I’m doing. I believe that there’s an audience for it.

It’s time for that audience to step up.

CALL or GO INTO your local comic shop and order the trade. The order number is APR140534. Don’t get it at Amazon, tell your comic book store there are readers. Monthlies aren’t sold on Amazon, and monthlies are how I make a living.

CALL or GO INTO your local comic shop and order the first two issues of the next volume. The order numbers are JUL140458, and AUG140691. 

If you really want to see more diversity in comics, it starts with supporting the books that are already trying to make a difference. I’m not the only one. RACHEL RISINGGENIUS, CONCRETE PARK and many other great books about strong women and people of color are out there and they need your support.

Without it, we’ll have to close up shop.

Support books outside of DC if you can guys, there is stuff out there that is exactly what you are asking for! Check it out, give it a try.

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majingojira sent: Jeja Yannin, thanks to the film Chocolate (2008) has been my fancast of Cassandra Cain for a while now.

She seems to be a favorite!

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justplainsomething sent: Tyler Posey for Jaime Reyes.

Would work! I feel like Marvel may snap him up eventually, dunno why.

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itisalifewelive sent: Britt Robertson for Steph! And Kiko Mizuhara for Cass!

I’ve never seen them suggested before! Nice job!

Keep em coming guys! Since we’re on hiatus I still want to interact with everyone and I’ve been enjoying seeing what people come up with! Doesn’t have to be batfam!

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daggerpen said: You already know Rhydian Vaughan for Jason, but I also like Soo Joo Park as Rose Wilson, Will Demps as Connor Hawke, Zhang Yuqi or Jeeja Yanin as Cass, and Amadeus Lundberg as Dick Grayson.

Ya! Rhydian Vaughan will be the base for our Jason too! That’s such a good call.

Soo Joo Park  and Will Demps are A++

Amadeus Lundberg is interesting, he definitely works!

This is great, everyone let us know what yours are if you have them, I find this really cool how people approach it!

nightwing-of-gotham sent: Since Steph is now back in the New 52, do you think we will see Steph and Tim together again. I've really disliked New 52 Tim and maybe Steph is what he may need to be the Tim we all knew and loved! It also helps they are one of my OTP and I want to see them have a happy ending.

I haven’t been following Eternal quite as much as I should be, but Steph and Tim have NOT met yet to my knowledge so it’s hard to tell. A new version of the brick to the face would be amazing.

They’re doing a rather funny Tom & Jerry partnership/pairing (can you call it that?) with Harper and Tim right now which is interesting so I’m wondering what they’re aiming for. Steph, Tim & Harper were all sitting together in that Thanksgiving teaser picture so we’ll see. Hopefully now that Lobdell is not touching Tim writers can sort of, ignore what came before and write him more like classic Tim. He’s already seeming more like preboot Tim in Eternal from what I can tell. Especially with Harper harassing him through her hacking.

I personally really like Tim and Steph, I like what they had, unlike a lot of comic relationships and this may be in retrospective, but  it felt sort of natural how their friendship progressed. They had an interesting dynamic, they ultimately sort of traded personalities over time (Steph, once a mini-Huntress full of rage softened and changed her MO, whilst Tim hardened/became a heavier and heavier ball of angst) and overall they do feel rather end-game when written well.

Though I will admit Tim was often quite a jerk to Steph multiple times, especially regarding his secret identity while knowing hers. Yelling at her to quit Spoiler, even when she came back. In a way their relationship due to writers deciding for Tim to act a certain way, such as above and him giving her such a hard time after she came back and then kicking Steph when she broke into his bunker, made the relationship a bit toxic. It was getting better after they settled into their new mantles, but then reboot.

I’m actually pretty happy with them making Steph such an integral part of the Eternal narrative and letting her come into her hero role in a much bigger way than she originally did. It lacks some of the casualness as she originally had, and it still sucks her history has been gutted, but as it stands I feel Steph actually got, after a really raw deal, a better deal now than Barbara at this point. Do I see see them back together? They could try, since it’s a clean slate I’d say it’s all game but not entirely necessary?

I’d like to see Steph shine on her own for a while though without any relationship. Good writing can save all these characters without pairings because these characters are the summation of those who write them. Like, it’s all up to these writers to get them in a good place. That’s pretty much why I get frustrated when DC in particular will claim a certain character not profitable or working out ; write them better, write them the way the public wants them, and $$$ will (more often than not) come. (For instance a Spoiler/Black-Bat ongoing book would have sold 30k+ guaranteed considering Steph alone raked around 20k by herself.)

If you need your Tim and Steph fix, please stick with us when the comic comes back, cause we might have what you want here at INC, (though not quite what you’re imagining…yet…maybe….who knows muhaha).

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fallacyfinale sent: Is it Helena Bertinelli?

Our Helena is olive skin toned (we did it before the reboot’s new Helena B!) but it’s not her that’s getting the makeover ;)

(Our Charlie is Latina, however, she’s not the character either)