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quick artist note

if youre interested in following the main narrative artists (thugg) work they have a facebook & a tumblr where they post wip & finished pieces of other stuff as well as batgirl inc stuff!!!

give it a look!!

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important mod note!!!

this is thugg the main narrative artist. batgirl inc has been on major hiatus for multiple reasons but yall dont need to hold yalls breath no more. well be goin under major reconstruction in regards to the blog look & setup & expect pages in the future

get ready batfolks 

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Posted : 2 weeks ago
Posted : 2 weeks ago

Have a treat for everyone tonight, especially for new followers!! 

(sorry we’re not back but hopefully you’ll like it!)¬†

simplylinly answered: dude. are you playing me?

Nope! We want to share the comic and the idea’s come up before to do a fandub audio thing of issue #1. Since we’re on hiatus anyway well, might be a good idea to think about! No idea how to go about it but hey, I’d love to hear our Tim geeking out outloud.