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Hello new followers! We’ve got yet another uptick of people checking in; thanks a bunch I hope you’re enjoying our comics! Where are you guys finding us or coming from? Let us know!

Please “like” pages as you go if you’re reading on tumblr, it lets us know you’re reading! Thank you for all the support on Tapastic!

We’re looking to get back from hiatus and launch pages from Issue 2 part II sometime later this month!

NEWS: BATGIRL Gets New Creative Team


NEWS: BATGIRL Gets New Creative Team


On Twitter this morning, Cameron Stewart at last announced his much-rumored project. With the art of newcomer artist Babs Tarr and co-author Brenden Fletcher, Stewart will become the next writer on BATGIRL.

Though BATGIRL has had other guest writers, this will be the first time that previous writer Gail Simone has left the book after the controversy over her abruptly scheduled departureled to…

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WELP Babs is getting a soft reboot. What do you guys think? We think the costume’s great; why not do this 3 years ago?