Tomorrow!!! Storm #4!!! Looks so good!




This book needs every dollar it can get. We asked for Storm to have her own book for years, Marvel delivers, and now by issue 3 its sales were already near the cancellation line. Now I’ve said many times before that you can’t judge sales until you get to issue 4 since it takes three months for retailers to order their books so that’s how far it takes for them to say “Oh that’s how well it’s selling? Well then I better order this many.” But still, the fact that by issue 3 its sells are that low means retailers didn’t have faith in this book, and retailers can be pretty stubborn. So if you want this book to succeed then you need to go and in a great number show them that you want to read this book. 

I’m not kidding at all when I say I’ll be incredibly disappointed by all of you if Storm gets cancelled. And I will express my disappointment in a very vocal, very loud way.

I buy 2 copies of this book at every comic book store I go to. I’m trying man

She-Hulk is getting cancelled, support Storm folks!

Pizzicato Five - ‘La Règle Du Jeu’ (1999)

This could be Cass and her four brothers but DC you playing


Superman- Batman #5

It helps so much that Tim keeps proving to be a complete and utter loser in canon.

incognitokiwoy whispered:
DEAR FUCKING LORD everything you draw makes my heartthrob <3 <3

Omg thanks so much! :D The artists that work hard here will love to hear that! I saw you liked our Robin In(capacitated) guest strip by delta-can-tri , you should send them a direct message! If you haven’t checked out our main narrative and our other au comics, we have lots to make your heart go pitter pat, but be careful we don’t want you going into cardiac arrest! ( But seriously thank you!)

quick artist note

if youre interested in following the main narrative artists (thugg) work they have a facebook & a tumblr where they post wip & finished pieces of other stuff as well as batgirl inc stuff!!!

give it a look!!

"Syrup goes on everything!!!"

"Well not r-"

"No one asked you Tim"


"Shhhhh. It’s delicious"


Our dear friend and fan laytonyoubastard has been following us from the very beginning, they submitted concept art back when we were in just the planning stages! They’ve improved so much since then and in honor of hitting 2k posts we wanted to work with them again!

Thank you so much for following us, we’ll be back soon, promise! I got a few ideas in the meantime…keep an eye out!

Whoops my hand slipped. I just had to color this Cass and Steph sketch commission from marcusto that cerdian posted. I hope that was all right.

Marcus To. He does things and they just. Need. It.

/wails about lost potential/