In this case, we are not joking around (SHOCK!). This is verified and corroborated. We did, like actual, journalism and stuff.
Additionally a thread on CBR in the Stephanie Brown appreciation thread that posted and discussed the article and their skepticism due to the site’s members in the past being adamant against Cass and Stephanie got a response and confirmed their article yet again:
Hi, I’m the guy who runs the Outhouse’s front page. While I won’t deny that there’s some who dislike the characters’ fanbase on the board, it doesn’t mean that we dislike the character. Also, the linked article is 100% serious with verified sources and collaboration from other journalists.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!
Rich Johnston the reporter for SDCC that dug out and leaked the information that Stephanie was pulled out of Smallville also posted on Bleeding Cool forums a response to the Facebook response from Didio:
Well there’s a thing.

Much has been made of DC Comics’ seeming disdain for the Stephanie Brown character, whether Spoiler, Robin or Batgirl. But of late it’s been getting ridiculous, wiped from the New 52, ripped out of Batman Inc and recently removed from Smallville in the role of Nightwing, to the extent taht they even denied they’d announced she’d be in the book. And inspiring the Waffles For Stephanie campaign to bring the character back.

I didn’t buy it entirely. It smacked of DC Comics playing with the fanbase, as a precursor to bringing the character back in a big way. But I was told by some closer to Dan DiDio that no, he hates the character, and there’s not a chance of her return.

Still don’t buy it it.

Especially since yesterday, he posted this on his Facebook page