BATGIRL BITES: EARTHWARD by Bryan Q. Miller & Marcio Takara

Okay so I thought today for a BATGIRL BITES feature I’d do a spotlight for Earthward. This forthcoming graphic novel is essentially what tumblr and the comic fandom therein seems to PINE for; and yet there is only moderate to little excitement for it. WHAT IS UP GUYS?!

I want to change that; look, Earthward is the answer to all of your comic woes stop torturing yourself and get excited about this!

BRYAN Q. MILLER (author of NYT Bestselling “Batgirl, Vol. 3” & Bestselling Digital First comic, “Smallville: Season 11”) & artist MARCIO TAKARA (BOOM! Studios’ “The Incredibles” and DC Comics’ “Blue Beetle”) are both names you probably recognize here; they’ve delivered Stephanie Brown’s Batgirl series and Marcio is known for his beautiful commission work and his pitch perfect Batfam fanart pieces. 

The story is basically everything you could ever want;

The I.S.V. MERCURY, an Independent Science Vessel, explores the cosmos, free of both the overbearing SCIENCE COUNCIL and the watchful eyes of the UNITED ARMADA war machine.

Whatever the scientists aboard have been working on, they don’t want anyone knowing… not even their children:

Eldest BEN and his hot-tempered sister, ALYSSA; SMACK, the hustler; CODY and TRIN, the learned, proper set of twins; and little DANIELLA, orphaned by a SPACE PIRATE assault, then taken in as one of Mercury’s own.

The MERCURY SIX are sent on a standard supply run, but return to find Mercury adrift, and their respective parents missing. The only clue as to what happened - a warning recorded by their trusty TEACHBOT


The quest to piece their family back together will take them to the edge of known space and back, with the Armada, the Council and Space Pirates, all in hot pursuit. The one thing everyone wants, everyone needs, is the SECRET PROJECT the parents of the Mercury Six were working on:


It’s an all ages child-centric book full of poc characters out on a mission to solve a mystery; with a tone and feel coined “Goonies in Space” by Bryan Q Miller. One of the leads; Alyssia is the Katniss facecast of your dreams (or a likeable Korra!). It will be over 130 pages in full color!

I repeat;

* An all ages graphic novel
* POC leads
* Full Color
* 130 Pages
Pass it on, I’m sure everyone saw the successful $40k Kickstarter (though it was a very modestly if scantly successful earning only $15k more than their $30k goal compared to say Gail Simone’s Leaving Megalopolis Kickstarter drive who was able to stretch their goal funding to 115k+ for an original $34k goal) and if you haven’t; well lucky you! Let’s pass awareness of this title on. 
I know good stuff when I see it; get excited!